Thought from the Founder

Caregivers Helping Hand demonstrates my commitment to the emotional, social and physical support for my mother, Fredonia Hills (who recently passed), and other seniors. Our program will continue her legacy of extending a helping hand to others. Her heart was always been bigger than her pockets, but she never turned down a friend or family member in need. Our youth and educational programs show the impact of how time, love, and energy of others, can change the course of your life. I was inspired by my Aunt Beatrice Hills-Stewart and her husband, Garland Stewart to get my college degree. They spent their lives educating and advising others, even after retirement. Their lives and so many other older adults have made a difference in the way I view and value aging. These elderly people have changed my life and given me a mission to make a difference. It is my personal commitment to help change the views of aging and stop ageism, by promoting a positive cross-generational experience.

As a long-term caregiver to many elderly family members, I've experienced first hand their challenges. But, the greatest obstacle was confronting these challenges alone. A helping hand would have made the difference. My purpose is to extend a helping hand by touching the hearts and meeting the needs of our seniors.



February 24,2018

Community Cleanup

2916 East 19th Ave, Tampa


April 28,2018

Westtown Church Spring Community Baby Shower

13521 RaceTrack Road,Tampa Fl 33626


May 19,2018

Multicultural Family Day

 Water Works Park

1710 North Highland Ave, tampa, fl


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